If you’re gearing up for a major home renovation for your Boise area home, the roof is certainly part of this important equation.

With so many different roofing design ideas to choose from, how do you know which ones are on-trend for 2020? Aside from even that, how can you find the roof that is going to fit your needs?

Read on for some popular roofing trends that will inspire you to create a beautiful roof you’ll love.


Keep Cool with New Roofing Technology

Today’s homeowner wants to be environmentally friendly while saving on energy costs. New developments in materials and roof design offer much more eco-friendly and energy-efficient options than in days of old.

These new roofing materials last longer, are lighter and are much better when it comes to reflecting UV rays from the surface. When your roof reflects the rays of the sun, it keeps your home cooler and saves you energy.

Even dark-colored shingles can be effective at reflecting UV rays thanks to these revolutionary new options. This means you’ll enjoy a beautiful new roof along with lower cooling bills in addition to your investment lasting for longer.

You might pay more upfront for these new cooling roofing materials, but the savings you will get over time are quite significant. Some homeowners could save anywhere between seven to 15-percent on cooling costs and reduce peak cooling demand by as high as 15 percent. If you’re concerned about the environment and your energy bills, ask your local residential roofing company for more information.


Synthetic Materials Create a Stunning Roofing Design

Roofs made with cedar or slate look beautiful, but they can also be expensive and require a lot of maintenance. Today’s roofing trends involve using synthetic materials made from polymers that can mimic the look of cedar shakes and natural slate or stone.

These new synthetic options are quite resilient and will last much longer than their wood and stone counterparts. Many manufacturers are making roofing designs that can hold up to a fire, heavy impacts from hail or fallen branches, and strong winds.

In addition to the fact that these new roofing materials are durable, they’re also more affordable and require a lot less care. Since synthetic roofing is lighter than stone, you won’t need to worry about reinforcing the structure of your roof before an install.

Another perk to this alternative is that it’s much more flexible, durable, and generates a lot less waste. New developments in synthetic roofing material are putting them in direct competition with asphalt shingles. You can enjoy a wide variety of beautiful colors along with the aesthetic of a much more expensive roof.


Metal Roofs

The Treasure Valley area sees plenty of snow each year, which is why metal roofs are often used to protect homes in the region. Metal roofing isn’t new, but it’s definitely making a major comeback for 2020.

Once only found on industrial buildings and barns, today’s metal roofing comes in a myriad of beautiful colors and unique styles. Another perk to using metal roofing is that it’s extremely durable and lasts a lot longer than many other options. It works well to handle the heavy snow loads you may see in and around the Boise area.

Metal roofing also does a wonderful job of reflecting the sun’s UV rays to keep your home comfortable and cool during summer. Metal also adds insulation to your home, which means you’ll stay warm and cozy inside.

Look for metal roofing design styles that come in bold and vibrant colors like red or green. You can also find them made of copper to give your home a modern, brilliant shine.


Flat Roofs are Making a Comeback

With many homeowners focusing on modern aesthetics, the flat roof is returning for 2020. When your home has a flat roofline, it creates a much more contemporary look that gives your property clean, sleek lines.

Flat roofs can be more difficult to maintain, particularly in areas with a lot of rain or snow. Their flat design makes them especially appealing for homeowners who want to mount solar panels on top.

A flat angled roof also makes it easier for the sun to reach the solar panels. This gives you better absorption and more effective operation.

The “green roof” trend is also becoming a popular thing, and flat roofs make it easier to achieve. With a flat roof, you transform it into a living garden by adding plants and small trees. Before you decide to try a rooftop garden, check to make sure the roof and your home’s structure can handle the heavy load.

Another perk to flat roofs is that they create the perfect platform for a rooftop deck. You can attach a deck directly to the top of your roof, sit back, and enjoy the view. If you don’t want your entire home to have a flat roof, you can ask to have just one section added with a completely flat surface.


Say Hello to Your New Roof

From aesthetics to durability, new roofing design for 2020 offers a wide range of products for today’s savvy homeowner.

Consider your specific region, and make sure you select a roof that can handle the Boise weather. With the right roofing company, you’ll end up with a beautiful update that stands the test of time.

If you’re interested in our roofing services or need a quote, visit our website and contact us today for more information.