There are many Durable Roofing Options available in today’s market. Durable Roofing is a product that can last for decades, and often times even longer than the building it sits on. Durability means different things to different people, but there is one thing they all have in common: Durability matters. In this blog post we will explore what durable roofing options are available and how you can choose the best option for your needs!


What to Look for in a Durable Roof

There are many Durable Roofing Options available in today’s market but here is what to look for in a Durable Roof:

  1. Resistance from moisture, fire, hail, wind, termites & rot.
  2. The ability to be easily repaired.  In some cases a new durable roof can be built on top of an old roof which saves you time & money compared to having a completely new roof installed every time there’s some sort of damage.
  3. A quick installation process. Asphalt shingle roofs usually require at least one week to install, while metal roofs are usually a little quicker.


Durable Roofing Materials

Here are some durable roofing material options and explanations.


Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are a popular residential shingle and there’s a few reasons why: Durability, Variety, and Durable Durability (yes you read that right). Durability is obviously an important word to look for in any product we investigate because we don’t want to buy something that will give out quickly. Durable Durability might sound redundant but it actually means something different than Durability. Durable Durability is the ability of the roof to withstand heavy hail and windstorm events such as hurricanes and tornadoes. The other thing that asphalt roofs have going for them is variety. There are textured, slate, or heather colored shingles that can be chosen from to match your tastes and home’s style.


Built-Up Roofing

Built-Up Roofing is a great Durable Roofing Option for residential roofing. Durability is essential in a Durable Roofing product because we want to be sure that it will last for decades with little to no maintenance. One of the reasons why Built-Up Roofing is Durable is because it can be built on a roof that has been previously repaired, which means it is a form of a reroof. The other thing that makes Built-Up Roofing Durable is because of the materials used. There are two main types used in this type of Durable Roofing: Clay Granules and Coal Tar pitch. These Durable Materials have been proven as an effective way to prevent fire from spreading as quickly as it would on other Durable Roofing Options.


Single-Ply roofing

Single-Ply Roofing is Durable because it’s a Durable Material. Durability is important when looking for Durable Roofing because we want something that will last for decades with little to no maintenance. The Durable Material that Single-Ply Roofing is made from is Plywood, which can be found in many different sizes and thicknesses depending on the needs of the customer. The Durable Durability of Single-Ply roofing comes from being water resistant and fire resistant. This Durable Durability makes Single-Ply a great roof to have if you live near a forest or a wildfire zone. Finally, one other reason why Single-Ply is Durable is because it’s Less Expensive than other Durable Roofing options.


Metal Roofs

(the most Durable)
The final Durable roofing option is Metal roofs because they are the most expensive but also extremely Durable and durable in nature. Do not let their price deter you, though; metal roofs can last up to 100 years with little maintenance if installed correctly! There’s a few reasons why this type of Durable Roofing lasts long: it resists moisture (the bane of any building), Fire, Hailstorm events like hurricanes or tornadoes, wind resistance (it flexes instead of breaking), termites & rot resistant, lightweight & easy installation/repair costs compared to asphalt shingle roofs… The list goes on and on as far as benefits go for those who choose Durable Durability with a Metal roof.


Looking for a Durable Roof? Call the pros!

If you’re looking for Durable Roof, call Signature Roofing today for a free consultation. We provide durable roofing options that resist moisture, fire, hailstorm, wind resistance (it flexes instead of breaking), termites & rot resistance.

With such an extensive range of Durable Materials to choose from when finding your new Durable Roof, we can help any customer find their perfect match! All our experts have been trained extensively so they can answer all your questions about what is best for you and your home’s needs. So if it’s time to replace your Durable Roof, give us a call today!